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Mergers & Acquisitions is the cornerstone of Apical's financial advisory practice. Our services include evaluating potential buyout targets or merger partners, providing valuation analysis, and proposing strategies for transaction structuring. We facilitate the entire process across the value chain from opportunity mapping to exit. We cover various facets of M&As that include inbound/ outbound M&As, Cross Border M&As, Divestitures, De-mergers/ Spin-offs etc.
We offer a host of consultancy services, which entails providing complete financial solutions, to Corporates, mainly in the MSME space. The services offered include Project Conceptualization and Related Services, including Guidance in relation to Selection of Projects, Documentation of various project documents, Business evaluation, Financial restructuring, Due Diligence, Valuation advisory, Identification of suitable investment opportunities, Optimization of Capital Structure & Asset portfolio, Formulation of business plan etc.
Apical Capital Advisors helps entrepreneurs, management teams, and minority shareholders execute leveraged buyouts that allow the purchaser to realize control of the business while allowing them to create significant value. The purchaser is able to achieve this as often purchasers commit very little of their own money to purchase the business but rather finance it through funding obtained from banks based on the financials of the investee company.
We at Apical provide synergy between the investors and the investee company and help identify the appropriate investor for the company. We have the expertise to structure the complete fund raising program of the investee company with the least possible cost of capital. We believe in offering the most optimum service to the company that results in the best possible outcome to both the company and the investor